Everyone From India knows about Makar sankranti As this festival celebrated for innumerable ways depending on agriculture Production ,Climate ,Locations.

In Our maharashtra also, there are various ways to celebrate this festival the most common ways are “Suwasini Haldi kunku”and “Sugadyachi puja” as from this festival harvest seasons begin. where 70% populations is engaged in agricultural activities.On this period of time people like to share there agriculture production taste with their neighbours & friends and so eventually these two traditions also begun.

Sugadi Puja :Womans washed few red and one black clay small pots and filled with sugarcane,groundnut,various vegetables and grains especially whatever produce in their field .At the townside woman  normaly buy these all materials in market and then they worship this whole set with haldi kunku ,flowers and sweets.

Haldi kunku: In this ceremony woman call their all female friends and relative and worship them as a treating goddess as well as wishing their husbands long life .They stick pinch of haldi kunku on their forhead and give them a small gift which is called  “vaan” .Vann could be any useful gift like bengals,jewelry box with nuts and small amount of mix vegetable which is been used for worship.

One day before sankranti is celebrated as a Bhogi where everyone in family cumpulsory having headbath as well as they make mix vegetables and bajari bhakari (perl milet flat bread) which are having teel(Sesame seeds) on the upperside.(normally bhakari made without teel but just because its cold days and teel add essential heat to our body).

In US I have almost been 8 months when I celebrated my first haldi kunku.Its been realy unexpected for me to celebrate in major level though i know few ladies.me and 3 more ladies decided to celebrate in major level so that we could able to increase our relations and would be able to enjoy haldi kunku with many new friends.

we decided the food menu which were moong dal sheera, khichadi,kadhi, udhiyo,mix vegetables,and chapati with snakes like mix bhaji and tea. After that we decided to were black saree as traditioanal sankranti colour.We called our all friends so that we could able to invite around 55 to 60 ladies from all age for this I select swaminarayan hall & food as this were recommanded by many senior friend.

One of our elder friend Megha Aunty decided to decorate complete hall traditionaly by using handmade decoration like coloured papers cutings around food dish, toran,olden days replica of haldkunku, rangoli etc.which had added traditional look to our hall.

When  the day arrived all our  friends got pleasant surprised as they were looking all tradional haldikunku which used happened in india and out of them so many woman couldnt enjoyed such function for so many years in USA ; Some of them could able to refresh there old memory with us.In Indian Culture festival having lots of importance its not only cherish human life associated with the nature but gives knowledge to the mankind. we should always celebrate such beautiful traditions.


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